Who Wants To Be A Successful DJ

19 Oct

I know of many good DJ’s that I have always wanted to imitate. Different genres of music and different styles of mixing. I have always admired and tried to emulate the great music produced by these DJ’s. Practices for me sometimes involved imitating the mixes of these DJ’s. And it has always been my dream to one day be a DJ whom people will love and admire for the music that I create.

I am a DJ. Well, to be more precise, I am an aspiring DJ. Ever since my teenage years, when I first learned how to beatmatch, I always tried to imitate the mixes of the great DJ’s. I have always dreamed that one day I shall develop my own skills in beatmatching and creating music that everyone would love to dance to.

It takes a lot of practice to reach the levels of the great DJ’s. I know that I, myself, still need a lot of practice to further improve my DJ mixing skills. Even if it would mean sacrificing my rest time just to be able to practice mixing. Even if it entails punishing my CDJ 2000 to work overtime when I polish on my music mixes. Even if I need to learn the technicalities of a new music editing program to be able to create more awesome tracks for my mixes.

DJ mixing may seem very simple to those who haven’t tried it yet. But if you decide to try beatmatching for yourself for the first time, you shall know that not everyone can do it quite easily, especially not during your initial try. A DJ has to consider a number of things when DJ mixing. From the genre of the music that he plays, to the BPM of the track that he chooses, to the arrangement of the instruments and vocals of both tracks that he is trying to mix. These things must always produce a perfect mix. And it is the DJ who decides these.

And the reward of all this hard work comes when the DJ sees and feels the crowd enjoying his mixes. It is not uncommon for a DJ to be approached by people they do not even know just to be told how great the music is. And it is moments like these that a DJ would strive to do more.

I have enjoyed my humble career as a club DJ, and the experiences I truly cherish. Such experiences always make me want to push myself to the limit of becoming a little better. Being a DJ enhances my creativity. It makes me feel more alive.